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IMDB: 8.2

2008, 6 seasons to date

Crime / Drama / Mystery


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Each season of this multi award winning Television series takes you through a 13 episode run in the rise and fall of of real life Ausralian underworld figures as told from both sides of the law. As each new season unfolds you are in a different time period and City with new Crime Bosses and the Police that try to bring them to justice.

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Season 1

  • I Still Pray

    Topless waitress Tracey Seymour's turbulent love life with gangsters leaves her bruised and confused. She decides to get out of the underworld, turn over a new leaf and start afresh, But her past comes back to haunt her.

    I Still Pray
  • Cocksure

    The Melbourne drug world is in uproar - the city is awash with cheap eckies and none of the established dealers knows who's undercutting them. Tempers flare, accusations fly and the blood flows.

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Season 2

  • Brave New World

    Allison Dine arrives in Sydney and begins working for Clark as a drug courier.

    Brave New World
  • Business as Usual

    The Kanes are now protectors for Trimbole's dealers in Melbourne.

    Business as Usual
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Season 3

  • Kingdom Come

    Trevor Haken strikes a deal with drug boss Bill Bayeh, sinking deeper into corruption.

    Kingdom Come
  • Fall Guy

    Newcomer Benny Kassab starts dealing drugs in competition with the Bayeh brothers.

    Fall Guy
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Season 4

Season 5

  • The Loaded Dog

    Nosey's careening out of control with paranoia and booze, and crashing his Harley into the back of a semi-trailer at 120kph. Their best informant hovering near death is one problem for Gary - the other is the IA cops wondering why this known crim had videotapes hidden in his motorbike's panniers of Tuno detectives drinking tea in his loungeroom?! Gary and Tuno realise Nosey has been secretly recording them...they'd kill the paranoid bastard, except he's just risen, Frankenstein-like, from the dead and finally agreed to sign his statement. But just as Tuno makes real ...

    The Loaded Dog
  • Year of the Rooster

    With most of the Tuno team scattered to the four winds, a defiant Gary keeps the investigation rolling in clandestine mode in his spare time, meeting with Detective Sergeant Glen "Flatline" Browne late at night to plot strategy, and chasing witnesses at weekends. When one of Glen's informants from way back, an electrician, happens to mention he's working on building a steel-lined bunker in the 'burbs, Glen doesn't think much of it - until he hears that the owner is a bloke called Andrew Perish - aka "Undies", Anthony's brother. Security experts report that the place ...

    Year of the Rooster
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Season 6

  • Squizzy Takes Charge

    Meanwhile, Squizzy's roaming eyes land on the young and wholesome waitress Lorna Kelly. Neglecting Dolly, and motivated partly by a desire for respectability, he sets about wooing the girl. Tankbuster takes up the cudgels on Dolly's behalf and gets himself shot in the process. Dolly confronts Lorna, telling her the truth about Squizzy's nefarious gangster activities. Naïve Lorna doesn't believe her and reveals that she's pregnant with his child. Dolly knows she has lost the man she loves. It's now that thieves fall out and the dangerous and erratic Snowy Cutmore turns...

    Squizzy Takes Charge
  • Squizzy Breaks Some Hearts

    Henry Stokes returns from Tasmania unexpectedly, furious at how Squizzy has run his businesses into the ground. Squizzy throws a lavish party for him to heal the rift, but shortly afterwards Stokes is arrested for possession of stolen property - fur coats gifted from Squizzy! However the little general brazenly intimidates a judge and Stokes get off the charge. Chastened, Squizzy takes to the racetrack, wondering if an honest career isn't the best policy after all. Yet old habits die hard; the moment he sees a punter with a fat wallet, he falls back to his old trade ...

    Squizzy Breaks Some Hearts
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