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The Suite Life on Deck

IMDB: 6.3

2008, 3 seasons to date

Action / Adventure / Comedy

By Jim Geoghan

Latest Episodes

This is the spin-off of the hit Disney Channel Original Series, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." The series follows twin brothers Zack and Cody Martin, London Tipton, and Mr. Moseby aboard the luxurious cruise liner, SS Tipton. While on the ship, the kids enroll in a semester-at-sea program, leaving Moseby in charge of the kids on the ship. The ship, owned by London's father, will cruise around the world, with tourists and students attending classes on Deck Eight- the one school that Mr. Tipton believes will make his daughter a better student. While living on the ship, expect Zack and Cody to still have their compass towards mischief.

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Season 1

  • Broke N Yo-Yo

    Bailey is mad that London is hogging all the space in their cabin, so she decides to trick her with the myth of the "Sea Snark." She later feels guilty and tells her the truth. Meanwhile, when Zack uses up both his and Cody's meal cards buying things for all of the girls on the ship, they run out of money. Moseby puts them to work so they can earn their keep. Cody decides to enter a yo-yo contest to make some money and Zack agrees to take over both his and Cody's jobs on the ship so Cody can prefect his yo-yo trick.

    Broke N Yo-Yo
  • The Kidney of the Sea

    A crush's rich "boyfriend" and rude mother try to keep Zack and her away from each other. Meanwhile, an intelligence test between London's dog, Ivana, and Bailey's pet pig, Porkers, is held, with Cody as the referee.

    The Kidney of the Sea
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Season 2

  • In the Line of Duty

    As punishment for an odorous prank, Zack becomes the school Hall Monitor, but when he goes crazy with power, all of his friends begin to alienate him.

    In the Line of Duty
  • Kitchen Casanova

    When their cooking teacher accidentally gets injured, Cody fills in and becomes the rock star chef that all the girls fawn over. When Bailey tries to get Codys attention, he ignores her to hide his true feelings for her. Meanwhile, London tries to pass off Zacks artwork as her own

    Kitchen Casanova
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Season 3

  • So You Think You Can Date?

    Bailey and Cody lie and both claim they have a date to the upcoming dance.

    So You Think You Can Date?
  • My Oh Maya

    Zack asks Maya on a date, she refuses him because she thinks he's a player.

    My Oh Maya
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