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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

IMDB: 6.3

2005, 3 seasons to date

Comedy / Family

By Danny Kallis

Latest Episodes

Zack and Cody Martin are 14-year-olds whose lives change when their single mom gets a job as the headlining singer at Boston's swankiest hotel and, as part of her contract, an upper floor suite in which they all now live. Maddie Fitzpatrick is the hotel's teenage gift shop clerk and part-time babysitter who foils the twins' antics; London Tipton is the hotel owner's spoiled daughter; Carey Martin is the twin's mother and Mr. Moseby the hotel manager. While mom works to keep them in line, the twins are elated with the amenities of their new home, especially room service, a swimming pool, a game room and a candy counter. Then the hotel's teenage gift shop clerk Maddie steps in as part-time babysitter and foil to the twins' pranks. To the chagrin of the hotel manager, Mr. Moseby, they try to turn the hotel into their playground, and along the way make friends and foe with the disparate staff, guests and residents including the owner's spoiled daughter London.

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Season 1

  • Maddie Checks In

    Moseby won't let London go out with her friends because of an article about her in the newspaper, but Moseby lets London go out with her friends because Maddy is going. Maddie and Jason find they have a lot in common with each other and start to like each other. Maddie needs Zach and Cody's help to fool Jason into thinking that she is rich.

    Maddie Checks In
  • Hotel Inspector

    A hotel inspector takes control of the Tipton from Moseby, causing him to lose his job. But Zack and Cody cause chaos in the hotel to make the inspector look bad and get Moseby's job back.

    Hotel Inspector
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Season 2

  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Odd Couples
    To impress a cute academically-minded boy, London tries to p...
    Feb 3, 2006
  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: French 101
    The French Ambassador is staying at the hotel with his daugh...
    Feb 10, 2006
  • Day Care

    Zack and Cody are overrun by a group of unruly little kids after they volunteer to help out in the hotel's daycare.

    Day Care
  • Heck's Kitchen

    The Tipton's chef walks out (again), leaving a more-than-willing Cody to do all the cooking. Unfortunately, he, and his personal crew, must prepare a spectacular meal for a restaurant critic who isn't what he appears to be (literally).

    Heck's Kitchen
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Season 3

  • Sink or Swim

    After summer school, Zack takes a summer job working under Arwin, but finds the job so deplorable that he tries to get one at the local supermarket, even if it means working with Cody. The revelation that London can't swim, despite her on-the-side swimsuit business, forces her to take swimming lessons from Tipton lifeguard Lance, both of whom fall in love with each other. Little does she realize that the kids at Maddie's summer camp job are the ones she has to thank for this and other tabloid gossip, and even Maddie herself begins to see the benefits of their scheme.

    Sink or Swim
  • Super Twins

    Zack and Cody wish on a star and get super powers. Cody gets the power to read minds and move objects with his mind. Zack gets the ability to move fast. They find their arch-nemesis to be none other than Mr. Moseby, who plans to turn all children into small adults.

    Super Twins
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