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The First 48

IMDB: 8.3

2004, 16 seasons to date

Crime / Mystery / Reality-TV


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The series follows detectives during the hours immediately following a homicide.

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Season 1

  • Blood in the Snow/Swope Park Killing

    In Kansas City, an ambitious captain and two veteran detectives face their first homicide of the year and must make deals with wanted drug kingpins to find the killer of a young woman; and a female homicide sergeant and her all-male team get a tip that leads their murder investigation into a dark subculture of drugs, guns, and buried safes.

    Blood in the Snow/Swope Park Killing
  • Double Murder on Haskell/Back Alley Revenge

    When a couple is found shot to death, Kansas City investigators track down two suspects and must convince one of them to give up the other--his own father; and detectives must rely on inhabitants of a drug-ridden area to help solve a murder, hoping that the word on the street will crack the case.

    Double Murder on Haskell/Back Alley Revenge
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Season 11

  • Thicker Than Water

    In Harris County, TX a young man is days away from testifying as a witness in an aggravated assault case when he is suddenly gunned down near his home. As Sgt. Ron Hunter and the homicide team investigates, they learn the murder may have been part of an elaborate plan to keep the victim from getting on the stand.

    Thicker Than Water
  • Rules of the Game/Outgunned

    When the Shizz, creator of a popular Louisville dance, is gunned down, Detective Brenda Westcott attempts to solve the case despite a potentially unreliable witness. Meanwhile, after a deadly shootout on the streets of Overtown, Miami Homicide Detective TC Cepero needs to figure out who fired first.

    Rules of the Game/Outgunned
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Season 12

  • Burning Rage/Fallen Soldier

    Birmingham Detective Warren Cotton investigates the murder of three family members, including a 12-year-old girl, who were stabbed to death in their home and then burned. In Miami, Detective Ricardo John and his team are working the shooting of a young man who has been a witness in several previous homicide investigations.

    Burning Rage/Fallen Soldier
  • Last Words/Nowhere to Hide

    In Birmingham, a 49-year-old man is beaten and shot in the middle of a housing complex in broad daylight. In a community where no one wants to be seen as "snitching," finding someone to come forward with information will be Det. Chris Anderson's biggest challenge. In DeKalb County, lead detective Chris Franklin investigates the murder of an 18-year-old male, gunned down in an apartment complex.

    Last Words/Nowhere to Hide
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Season 13

  • Unarmed/Bad Feeling

    In Miami, an unarmed man is gunned down in the parking lot of a popular bar. Detective Rolando Garcia and his team hope the victim's friend, who survived the shooting, can identify the shooter. In Dallas, Detective Dale Lundberg investigates the murder of a woman found bludgeoned to death in her apartment. The victim's missing car could provide the clue that could lead detectives to the killer.

    Unarmed/Bad Feeling
  • The Cover Up/Bad Seed

    In Cleveland, a man is shot dead in an empty courtyard. A mysterious 911 call leads Detectives Ignatius Sowa and Raymond Diaz on the hunt for an elusive killer. Then in Dallas, a 72-year-old grandmother is found beaten to death inside her home.

    The Cover Up/Bad Seed
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Season 14

  • Cold Embrace

    In Cleveland, after a man is found dead in his car, the autopsy reveals he was strangled to death. Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz take the case and uncover a secret relationship that could lead them to their killer. But with Sowa's retirement right around the corner, can he solve the murder before the case goes cold?

    Cold Embrace
  • Cold Betrayal

    In Cleveland, a man is gunned down at home in front of his family just a few days before Christmas. Detectives Tom Armelli and Bob Ford must delve into the dangerous business of drug dealing to hunt down the killers.

    Cold Betrayal
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Season 15

  • Blood Lust

    A detective in Atlanta (GA) investigating a cold-blooded murder learns that another recent shooting victim may be related to his case. Are these two incidents related or is he working his first serial killer case?

    Blood Lust
  • Secrets and Lies

    When a young woman is executed on a street corner in Tulsa, investigator Nathan Schilling discovers her friends may be hiding information about the murder.

    Secrets and Lies
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Season 16