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The 4400

IMDB: 7.4

2004, 4 seasons to date

Sci-Fi / Drama / Mystery

By René Echevarria

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The pilot begins with a ball of light sailing towards Earth, but rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands of returned abductees are left with no memory of their otherworldly experiences. Each has been gone anywhere from a few months to several decades, but hasn't aged a day. These are the stories of the 4400 abductees after they are returned to Earth. The show follows two NSA agents who are trying to figure out what happened and why. Some of those returned have been affected in mysterious ways with certain abilities, both good and bad.

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Season 1

  • Becoming

    Baldwin and Skouris deal with returnee Oliver Knox, involved in a series of murders. Jordan Collier, hotel magnate, puts himself in front as 4400 spokesman.

  • Trial by Fire

    Someone has leaked a list of the current locations of all 4400's. When several of the returnees are bombed, Baldwin and Skouris must find out who did it.

    Trial by Fire
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Season 2

  • 43
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Wake-Up Call
    Kyle tries to visit his cousin Shawn at The 4400 Center but...
    Jun 5, 2005
  • 43
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Voices Carry
    A baseball player is overwhelmed by a special 4400 ability....
    Jun 12, 2005
  • Weight of the World

    A salesman's saliva has an extremely slimming effect on people. Lily suspects a new pregnancy as Richard stumbles onto a case of jealousy. So does Collier, and Shawn is disgusted by his moral. Kyle is tempted to join a wild students' party. Maia finds her aunt's work very interesting.

    Weight of the World
  • Suffer the Children

    Some schoolchildren get startling abilities and some parents suspect child abuse by a 4400 who is their teacher. Jordan Collier changes attitude, especially towards Isabelle and her parents. Shawn is fascinated by a young homeless girl.

    Suffer the Children
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Season 3

  • Being Tom Baldwin

    Tom Baldwin shoots T.J. in the head during interrogation....or did he?

    Being Tom Baldwin
  • Gone: Part 1

    Tom and Diana must hunt down a kidnapper who targets 4400 children. Maia's sister, Sarah appears.

    Gone: Part 1
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Season 4

  • Audrey Parker's Come and Gone

    After taking promicin, an old lady named Audrey Parker develops the ability to astral project from her body. When she's murdered, her spirit tries to reach Tom and Diana to help them find her killer. Shawn decides to re-open the 4400 center and start healing again despite the government's warnings. Ben and Maia come to Seattle to visit Diana. Cassie leads Kyle to some interesting information.

    Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
  • The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

    Diana catches her sister April, who has survived a promicine shot and gained an ability the full potential of which she fails to grasp - to make anyone answer truthfully to any question posed by her. She has teamed up with a man she loves and they are blackmailing people who have dirty secrets. But then they bite more than they can chew and April's beloved gets murdered. The only way to get the people responsible to answer for their crimes would be for April to turn herself into NTAC custody and lose her precious freedom... Meanwhile, Shawn decides to run for the ...

    The Truth and Nothing But the Truth
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