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IMDB: 7.5

2000, 4 seasons to date

Crime / Drama / Mystery


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DI John Rebus is a hard drinking, unkempt, womanizing police officer whose job is his whole life. He is the most senior and most experienced DI at his station. He has a mysterious past that his partner DS Siobhan Clarke learns about from time to time through various comments Rebus makes. She is a young woman who wants to succeed, but does not have much of a personal life. She feels being paired with Rebus jeopardizes her career because of his unorthodox methods, but she is also fascinated by the man and is extremely loyal. DI Rebus' boss is Chief Superintendent Templar, a woman who was one of Rebus' lovers in a distant past. Their relationship is now one where they barely tolerate each other.

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Season 1

  • Dead Souls

    Rebus is devastated by the death of a close colleague, which appears to be suicide until he takes a closer look. But he's distracted by an unexpected visit from an ex-girlfriend with an offer he cannot refuse.

    Dead Souls
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Season 2

Season 3

  • Strip Jack

    On the eve of a conference on African poverty, the Chair - millionaire philanthropist and people's champion Gregor Jack - is found with a hooker during a brothel raid. Then his wife Liz is discovered dead in a river and he becomes a murder suspect. Rebus embarks on a journey into the mind and murky past of her super rich husband.

    Strip Jack
  • Let It Bleed

    Rebus is called to an investment bank after a man shoots himself in front of the bank's owner. In his wallet the dead man has a photo of a young child along with the words Alto Chicampa. At the man's funeral, Rebus finds out that he was working for a chemical company, about to set up a new plant at a local estate to manufacture a new pesticide for the third world. Investigations lead Rebus to Amanda Morrison, a former employee of the bank about to sue the firm for sexual discrimination, but who soon turns up dead. Can Rebus prove that the suicide shooter and Amanda ...

    Let It Bleed
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Season 4

  • The Naming of the Dead

    As Edinburgh prepares to play host to the World Trade Summit, an unidentified body is found in the grounds of the conference hotel. And soon after development minister Ben Webster is found dead beneath the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle. As Rebus begins preliminary investigations, he is warned off the case by the special branch commander.

    The Naming of the Dead
  • Knots and Crosses

    Drug pusher Daniel Carr is acquitted of murder on a technicality. Rebus is blamed and investigated by Clive Dawson, once his best friend, now anything but. Carr and his obnoxious brother are murdered and chief suspect is Brian Robertson, another pusher, whose estranged son was Carr's victim. To complicate matters Carr's sister and Robertson's law-abiding son are in love and, whilst Dawson is honorable, his female assistant has been primed by the slimy prosecutor who really messed up the case to discredit Rebus. Fortunately Siobhan's loyalty and a series of anonymous ...

    Knots and Crosses
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