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IMDB: 8.1

1959, 8 seasons to date



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Gil Favor is trail boss of a continuous cattle drive; he is assisted by Rowdy Yates. The crew runs into characters and adventures along the way.

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Season 1

  • Incident with an Executioner

    The drovers rescue the passengers in a stagecoach that overturns. They learn a gunman known as "The Executioner" was following the coach. Now he is following them while they are with the drovers and no one knows who his target is.

    Incident with an Executioner
  • Incident of the Widowed Dove

    The drovers party in a small town but with big consequences. One drover is killed over a crooked roulette wheel and Rowdy quits the drive to help a woman. Rowdy may pay with his life because the woman is the wife of the Marshal.

    Incident of the Widowed Dove
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Season 2

  • Incident at Dangerfield Dip

    A dying woman stumbles into the cattle drive. Her husband, a feared gunslinger turned rancher, soon shows up and accuses the drovers of shooting her. Gil & Rowdy fear that their cattle are coming down with a deadly disease, so they turn the herd towards the Rodney Dangerfield chemical dipping station, on the widowed rancher's recommendation.

    Incident at Dangerfield Dip
  • Incident of the Shambling Man

    When a delusional old man attacks the passing drovers, his daughter-in-law enlists Gil & Rowdy's help with the powerful ex-boxing champ. The Marshal who made the town safe, is now drunk on his own power, enforcing petty rules to keep the tiniest semblance of trouble out of his jurisdiction. Factoring heavily into the situation is that the daughter-in-law is exquisite and widowed.

    Incident of the Shambling Man
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Season 3

  • Incident at Dragoon Crossing

    Favor is taking a short but very tough route which the men question. Another trail boss John Cord tells Favor he is wrong. When Favor becomes sick, he asks Cord to take over but the men question Cord's motives.

    Incident at Dragoon Crossing
  • Incident of the Night Visitor

    Following the death of his mother, 12 year-old Joey Gardner sets out in search of the father who left him at birth. The only clues he has to his identity are that he is a drover, has a scar below his left ear and his initials are G.F.

    Incident of the Night Visitor
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Season 8

  • Six Weeks to Bent Fork

    Rowdy is a week late to start a drive with a tight deadline. If they make the it, a big bonus awaits. However, Rowdy has to take Lash Whitcomb as his Segundo. Lash drives the men hard but near the end Rowdy learns why Lash is on the drive.

    Six Weeks to Bent Fork
  • Walk into Terror

    While checking a mine, it caves in on Quince and Blake trapping them. One of the drovers noticed old explosives nearby. He and his friend offer to blow the mine open for $500. However, the two men prove to be as unstable as the explosive.

    Walk into Terror
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