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New Tricks

IMDB: 7.9

2003, 12 seasons to date

Comedy / Crime / Drama

By Nigel McCrery

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After a hostage rescue goes wrong, superintendent Sandra Pullman is put in charge of unsolved crimes. With little resources and no back-up she decides to recruit three ex policeman. However times have changed, unlike her new recruits. Jack Halford is yet to get over the loss of his wife, Brian Lane is over obsessed and over medicated, and Gerry Standing is not quite the ladies man he used to be. They may have the experience but it's not like the old days. Not only are they chasing criminals, but they are having to deal with a new police force which does not always appreciate their old style policing.

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Season 1

  • Painting on Loan

    Sir Tim is Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures. He discovers that some of the pictures in his charge are fakes. But they never used to be. Was his predecessor making money on the side?

    Painting on Loan
  • 1984

    The team investigate the murder of a young peace protester, killed near a nuclear base in 1984. Was it a cover-up?

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Season 2

  • Trust Me

    In 1992, 18-year-old Hannah Taylor was kidnapped, and now a body, once believed to be hers, is proven to be another girl's. Hannah's mother, Madeline, an ex-alcoholic G.P., is prickly but admits to paying a twenty-thousand-pound ransom delivered by an-ex cop who was, in fact, her married lover. Jack suspects that this was a scam to part Madeline's former husband from twenty thousand pounds. The mystery intensifies when Jack traces Hannah, now married, who states that she left her mother a note to say she was going to a pop festival where she met her husband. It ...

    Trust Me
  • Old and Cold

    Sandra is approached by a tabloid editor who believes that former TV cookery queen Kitty Campbell poisoned her husband Bertie. Kitty obviously denies this but the Campbells' former assistant reveals that Bertie was a closet gay, much to Kitty's disgust. Esther Lane collapses and Brian realizes the extent to which he depends on her, the more so as, whilst watching archive film of the Campbells, she discovers the key to the mystery.

    Old and Cold
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Season 3

  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Lady's Pleasure
    DS Pullman decides to reopen one of her old cases involving...
    Apr 17, 2006
  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Dockers
    With the recent release of Cabinet papers under the 30-year...
    Apr 24, 2006
  • Old Dogs

    The team revive a 30-year-old investigation into animal cruelty when a dog is found butchered on Hampstead Heath. The original investigation focused on John Fletcher, who was the press officer for The Human Liberation Front, an organization that was set up to counter the animal rights movement but no longer in existence. They seek advice from James Farlow, the animal control officer at the time, but have few leads. They determine that the killer may actually have wanted to harvest the animal's vital organs. Meanwhile, Jack is feeling ill and is hospitalized with some ...

    Old Dogs
  • Diamond Geezers

    The vicious criminal Chopper Hadley, who has been back in the country for a week, is searched for by the team. However, Halford is viciously intimidated and the squad start to realise the full danger of their target. Desperate measures are used and Brian is sent undercover to get Hadley once and for all.

    Diamond Geezers
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Season 4

  • Ducking and Diving

    When an armoured security van is discovered at the bottom of a lake, the team makes a link with the murder of a woman 17 years previously. The husband of the deceased, who owned the company which the van belonged to, seems to be the prime suspect but when he is provided with an alibi, Sandra decides to dive down to examine the vehicle herself and uncovers the murder weapon. However, the killer is about to strike again.

    Ducking and Diving
  • Nine Lives

    Jack and the team reopen the investigation into the undetermined death of an elderly woman, partly consumed by her hordes of cats, whose decision to leave her estate to her cats sparked a family feud. When the deceased's pets die, her money and property comes back up for grabs, leaving the detectives with no choice but to get to the bottom of her mysterious demise.

    Nine Lives
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Season 5

  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Spare Parts
    The trial of Ricky Hanson starts, and the members of UCOS ar...
    Jul 7, 2008
  • 1
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    Episode 2: Final Curtain
    With Jack Halford away following the acquittal of Ricky Hans...
    Jul 14, 2008
  • A Face for Radio

    The UCOS team investigates the death 10 years ago of popular disc jockey Johnny Deacon who died in a fire when the radio station was set alight. The police knew it was arson, but were never able to find enough evidence to charge anyone. Johnny was very opinionated on air and seemed to go out of his way to be offensive at time. He also had a number of female admirers, one of whom may have been stalking him. With Jack having virtually disappeared meanwhile, Sandra finds herself under pressure from DAC Strickland to start interviewing for his replacement. Despite their ...

    A Face for Radio
  • Loyalties and Royalties

    Brian finally locates Jack who returns to the UCOS team but remains silent about his lengthy absence. The team investigates the death of rock star Andy Fletcher, who supposedly committed suicide in 1975. Gerry speaks to a dying woman who suggests otherwise. She overheard a fight just before his death, and although she reported it to the police after Fletcher was found dead, her information is nowhere to be found in the files. The band's former manager Clive Evans found Andy but doesn't believe there was foul play. The three remaining band members all deny any special ...

    Loyalties and Royalties
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Season 6

  • Fresh Starts

    Gerry has a run-in with David Fleeting who he practically accuses of being a pervert before realizing the man is desperately looking for his wife. The only complication is that she is supposed to have died 18 months previously. Fleeting insists that he recently saw her in a crowd and is now convinced that the body of the car crash victim identified by his sister-in-law - he was away on business trip at the time of the accident - was that of someone else. Sandra isn't too keen but agrees on seeking an exhumation. A DNA test reveals the dead woman to be a Turkish ...

    Fresh Starts
  • Shadow Show

    Ex-actress Gloria Gransford draws the team's attention to a clip, posted on the Internet, from a film she made in 1990 called 'Shadow Show', after which the producer Max Stone was stabbed to death and leading lady Eva Roderick disappeared. Director Don Maddox, Gloria's ex-husband, is egotistical and evasive, and the only other surviving crew member from the film - who posted the clip - is found dead. His young boyfriend goes on the run and located Eva, who now has a new identity. A siege situation develops, which Brian defuses.

    Shadow Show
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Season 7

  • Left Field

    Sandra does not believe recently released paedophile John Davies when he owns to killing 5-year old Yasser Gorton-Blackledge,who disappeared after going on a Free Palestine march with his left wing parents Anne and Fred in 1985. Now divorced, Anne still campaigns for liberal issues but Fred is a hard right reactionary and misogynist. Davies eventually admits to Sandra that he was bullied into confession by Anthony Vernon,a violent disciple of Fred who once hoped to make his name in journalism from Yasser's case. Another ex-activist,kindly nurse Gillian Withall,adopted...

    Left Field
  • Dark Chocolate

    A recent sexual assault on Helen Vestry in her cake shop is identical to two unsolved rapes which occurred ten years earlier at the Pyramid Chocolate factory,run by unpopular Duncan Miller. All the victims were blonde and the attacker smelt strongly of sweat. The team's investigations also uncover a trilogy of seemingly unrelated disasters which befell the factory at the time - the suicide of a female worker,who was not raped,the discovery of a severed finger in a chocolate bar and the prosecution of contract cleaner Alex Close for using illegal immigrants in his work...

    Dark Chocolate
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Season 8

  • Lost in Translation

    DNA from an unidentified man killed in 1996 and staked to a cross is linked to pathology laboratory assistant Anna King, who explains that it must be her brother, David Celaj, fourteen years her senior, with whom she fled Albania as a little girl before Mr. and Mrs. King adopted her and he disappeared from her life. David was a police interpreter in the case of murder suspect and fellow Albanian Michael Luga, who walked free when a witness withdrew her statement. The team believe that Luga killed David but Brian's accidental discovery of the role of scarecrows in ...

    Lost in Translation
  • Setting Out Your Stall

    In 2009 market trader Kathy Green died after drinking drugged coffee. The UCOS team suspect but cannot prove a link with Anthony Gunnell, a man who raped women after doping them with coffee from his refreshment van. Through Helen, the nurse who looked after Kathy's senile mother in her last days, they learn that Kathy had an illegitimate daughter who was adopted and whose attempted reconciliation with her mother went badly. In solving the case Sandra recognizes parallels with her own unsatisfactory relationship with her visiting mother.

    Setting Out Your Stall
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Season 9

  • Queen and Country

    At Christmas 2008, Foreign Office employee Annabel Tilson's body was found in a frozen lake, the assumption being that she killed herself after suffering a miscarriage and demotion at work when her lap-top, containing sensitive information, was stolen. Now her twin Minnie has unearthed a video showing that Annabel met somebody prior to her death and was probably murdered. Sandra learns that Annabel was deliberately made a scapegoat to get her out of the way on discovering her married boss's affair with a colleague. She also stumbled on insider information trading, but...

    Queen and Country
  • The Girl Who Lived

    In 2003, 17 year old Georgia Wright vanished after a university disco in Scotland. Now traces of her blood are found following a garage raid in London, bringing dogged retired police inspector Steve McAndrew to UCOS to ask them to investigate. CCTV proves that Georgia was not one of the robbers but worked at the garage as a cleaner,,disappearing soon afterwards. They then get a lead in that Shane Morrison,,one of the last people to see Georgia alive, is a fantasist, who persuaded another girl Sophie that he was a secret agent, forcing her to live life on the run with ...

    The Girl Who Lived
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Season 10

  • The Sins of the Father

    To the annoyance of Gerry, who arrested him for killing his wife sixteen years earlier, Scott Bunce is released from prison when evidence is found to suggest an unsafe conviction. His daughter Lizzie, who saw him standing over the corpse, and the neighbour who saw him leaving the house afterwards are both convinced of his guilt and Lizzie is terrified of seeing him. Then Bunce disappears after a gangster associate of his is severely beaten up. Brian visits his estranged son Mark, who tells him he is about to become a grandfather. They make their peace as Mark helps ...

    The Sins of the Father
  • The Little Brother

    Now dismissed from UCOS Brian is persuaded by Esther to help her friend Margaret Kirby find her brother Peter Sale, who disappeared six years earlier. In the mean time Brian is bothered by journalist Maxine Wilson, whom he believes has been sent by Embleton to discredit him, and needs Strickland's help to get rid of her. Brian visits Jonathan Epstein, jailed for killing his wife Florence for her money, along with his girlfriend Annabel, who seemingly disappeared with the cash. Sale was Epstein's accountant but Epstein does not know his whereabouts and after the visit ...

    The Little Brother
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Season 11

  • Deep Swimming

    Bryony Willis receives an anonymous note to say that her father, peace activist Winston Lovett, did not accidentally blow himself up but was murdered. The team visits Bryony's estranged mother Alison, who points them towards two feminist campaigners who had issues with Winston - Mary Griffith, an inveterate agitator and lecturer Frances Kane. To the team's surprise Frances admits that she and Winston were actually undercover cops infiltrating the protest movement. Then Bryony reports a stalker, whose identity brings closure and reconciliation to the case. Throughout ...

    Deep Swimming
  • Ghosts

    Elderly dementia sufferer Nancy leaves her care home to report that her policeman husband Jimmy, who disappeared in 1956 was actually murdered. Harry Page, an old friend of the couple, reports that Jimmy had gambling debts and got into a fight the night that he died. Sasha takes Nancy back to her old house where she recalls Jimmy's violence and jealousy. A grim secret is discovered in the bedroom wall, in turn leading to the solution of the murder. Meanwhile Steve is called to the police station when his son Stewie is cautioned for minor drug possession, which brings ...

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Season 12

  • The Curate's Egg

    Ted Case joins the team to reopen the murder of vicar Leonard Whitechurch, a white man with a black wife who was stabbed in 2006 after receiving racist hate mail. His widow Alicia tells them that his curate Wendy had a crush on him but she hung herself two years after his death. The poison pen letters are traced to ex-convict and white supremacist Kevin Duncan but Ted believes the motive to be more complicated than purely racial. Duncan admits he wrote the letters in revenge as the victim disapproved of his dating his daughter Sally but a revelation from Leonard's ...

    The Curate's Egg
  • The Wolf of Wallbrook

    In 1989 32-year old Charlie Hayes, a stock market trader, fell to his death, a presumed suicide, from his office building near Tower Bridge but a blow up photograph in a retrospective art exhibition reveals a background figure who pushed him.Cash-strapped Steve takes advantage of insider information as the team interviews Charlie's former girlfriend and colleagues, prime suspect being obnoxious Kevin Dodds, whom Charlie exposed as a rapist and the team brings him in. However the rape gives him an alibi for the murder and Danny and Steve discover that Charlie was ...

    The Wolf of Wallbrook
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