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My Wife and Kids

IMDB: 6.8

2001, 5 seasons to date


By Don Reo

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Damon Wayans plays Michael Kyle, a man on a tragically funny quest for a "traditional" family. He's a not-so-modern man living in a very modern world. Can you relate? His stay-at-home bride (Tisha Campbell-Martin) became a stock market trailblazer. His only son idolizes gangster rap stars instead of him. His moody, adolescent daughter's two favorite hobbies are asking him for money and giving him grief. And his youngest daughter rarely lets her daddy have the last word. Perhaps after all of the chaos is over, he will realize that his dream of having a normal American family came true a long time ago.

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Season 1

  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Pilot
    Michael has been used to having his wife at home, taking car...
    Mar 28, 2001
  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: The Truth Hurts
    Janet and Michael find a tattoo parlor card in Junior's pant...
    Mar 28, 2001
  • Grassy Knoll

    When Michael and Jay realize that Jr. has been smoking marijuana, they provide him with an unforgettable night filled with fun and creative mind games. Meanwhile, Kady is disappointed that her big sister, Claire, won't spend time with her; and, to prevent their out-of-style clothes from being given away, Michael and Jay promise to wear the outfits for a week.

    Grassy Knoll
  • Of Breasts and Basketball

    Claire's trying to attract boys in school so she goes bra shopping.

    Of Breasts and Basketball
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Season 2

  • No Rules

    When Jay's away, the kids complain Michael is too strict; so he makes a bet that they can't go a week without any rules.

    No Rules
  • Perfect Dad

    While Jay's visiting her mother, the kids tell Michael of their ideas of what would make him the perfect father; Michael turns it around by sharing his ideas of what perfect children would be like and each finds out how unpleasant that idea is.

    Perfect Dad
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Season 3

  • The Kyles Go to Hawaii: Part 3

    A mad scramble ensues when Michael finds out that the family's flight home from Hawaii leaves much earlier than he thought, but matters are complicated when a love-smitten Jr. insists on staying with his new love, Leilani. Meanwhile Kady refuses to leave without her beloved doll, Little Pippy, and Claire has to go to extremes to keep her parents from finding out about her exorbitant hotel charges.

    The Kyles Go to Hawaii: Part 3
  • Samba Story

    Jay is dissatisfied with how she and Michael spend their nights out and so signs them up for Samba lessons; Michael doesn't take kindly to Jay flirting with her male dance instructor and so decides to give her a dose of her own medicine by having him replaced with a sexy woman instructor. Meanwhile, Claire makes the cheerleading squad in school even though she doesn't have the coordination to make it and the family tries to break the news to her.

    Samba Story
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Season 4

  • Jr. Executive

    Michael wants Jr. to learn the family business by starting at the bottom, so he assigns Jr. to do menial jobs around Kyle Trucking. Jr., however, decides to use the fact that he's the boss' son to his advantage and convinces other employees to do his work for him. Meanwhile, Claire arranges a secret date with a guy she met on the Internet in a Shakespeare chat room.

    Jr. Executive
  • Jay Goes to School

    Jay drops the bomb that she has enrolled in college, and despite Michael forbidding her, she goes anyway. At first the kids are behind her but as she becomes obsessed with her psychology class and diagnoses everybody, Michael tries to find a way to knock some sense into her before she drives the whole family crazy.

    Jay Goes to School
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Season 5

  • Fantasy Camp: Part 2

    Michael can't focus on much else after learning that he'll be going to sports legend Michael Jordan's fantasy basketball camp in Las Vegas. Everyone shares his excitement - but for different reasons - and finds some reason as to why they should tag along. Once there, Michael learns that there's been a mix-up with the game schedule, so he resorts to some inventive ploys of his own to ensure he gets to play his idol.

    Fantasy Camp: Part 2
  • Childcare Class

    Even though Michael is the only one who can get Jr. and Vanessa's baby to stop crying, after he fails a childcare class the entire family snubs him and refuses to let him be near the baby because he's not certified.

    Childcare Class
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