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IMDB: 8.3

2009, 5 seasons to date

Comedy / Drama / Fantasy


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Nathan, Kelly, Simon, Alisha and Curtis were expecting their community service to be boring. However after a freak thunderstorm they discover that it is anything but dull. Bestowed with strange powers, the five very different teens realize they have a lot more to worry about than just picking up litter, especially as they discover that they are not the only ones who have been given strange powers. Secrets will be revealed, feelings brought to the surface and relationships formed and broken. But hey, its only 12 weeks of community service; what's the worst that could happen?

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Season 1

  • 1
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    Episode 1: Episode #1.1
    Five young adolescents begin community service under the wat...
    Jul 19, 2012
  • 1
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    Episode 2: Episode #1.2
    Nathan discovers that other people were affected by the stor...
    Nov 19, 2009
  • Episode #1.3

    Alisha struggles to cope with her power when she grows closer to Curtis. Simon learns that the bodies may soon be discovered.

    Episode #1.3
  • Episode #1.4

    Curtis is reunited with his old girlfriend, and tries to set things right using his powers, with serious consequences.

    Episode #1.4
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Season 2

  • Episode #2.3

    The masked man saves Alisha from a mugging on the estate. It appears he is able to touch her without being affected by her powers.

    Episode #2.3
  • Episode #2.4

    Ollie, an environmental protester who has the power to teleport, starts his community service. But is he really destined to become part of the gang?

    Episode #2.4
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Season 3

  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 0: Vegas, Baby!
    Nathan has gone to Las Vegas with his girlfriend Marnie and...
    Sep 15, 2011
  • 1
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    Episode 1: Episode #3.1
    Whilst Kelly has trouble convincing people of her new power,...
    Oct 30, 2011
  • Episode #3.2

    Banned from athletics for drug use Curtis sees the opportunity to still compete as his new gender swap identity Melissa,whilst falling for fellow runner Emma. Emma is bi-sexual and is drawn to both Curtis and his alter ego Melissa but,with only Simon let into the secret, Curtis/Melissa becomes the reluctant object of the sexual attentions of Shaun,Rudy and running coach Mark,who spikes Melissa's drink at a party and tries to rape her,getting a rude shock when Curtis returns. Eventually Curtis is forced to admit the truth to the other misfits and,having saved her from ...

    Episode #3.2
  • Episode #3.3

    In his alter ego as Super Hoodie Simon saves comic book fan Peter from a mugging. Later Peter recognises his protector from his voice and the boys become friends,Simon explaining his destiny,to become his future self by dying whilst saving Alisha. Peter,obsessed with his hero,uses his sinister gift to stop this - he draws cartoons in which the events come to pass in reality - and the pair have a climactic fight after Peter has abducted Alisha,though his comic strip reveals that he knew the outcome. Shaun meanwhile discovers Rudy's ability to clone himself whilst Kelly...

    Episode #3.3
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Season 4

  • Episode #4.3

    Finn is confused when stepmother Lisa tries to seduce him and even more so when Mike,the man he believed was his father,says Finn is not his son after all. Curtis makes headway with Lola but Jess is annoyed when Alex ducks out of a date. A third Rudy,a violent criminal just out of jail,turns up,frightening the gang with his violent talk and taking over the other two Rudys. After he has got Jess to admit to an attempted suicide after a boy dumped her he attacks Greg but is himself killed by Jess in order to release the other Rudys.

    Episode #4.3
  • Episode #4.4

    Finn and Rudy have problems over sharing their illicit room in the centre but,after Rudy has been banished to a room full of slugs,decide they miss each other. Lola tells Curtis that ex-boyfriend Jake was violent to her and gives Curtis a gun to threaten him. During a fight the gun goes off,killing Jake but when Curtis discovers that Lola is an impostor he briefly resurrects him and learns that,due to the storm,Lola became a man-hater turning men against each other. However Jake must be killed again to prevent him becoming a zombie. Curtis locates Lola,who now has ...

    Episode #4.4
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Season 5

  • 1
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    Episode 1: Episode #5.1
    Alex recovers from his operation and is followed home by Emm...
    Oct 23, 2013
  • 1
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    Episode 2: Episode #5.2
    Rudy is shocked to see his father Geoff (whom he had told he...
    Oct 30, 2013
  • Episode #5.3

    Abby begins an affair with Laura, whom she sees as her soul-mate so she is shocked when she learns that she is actually Laura's imaginary friend from her childhood and that Laura's power, given her by the storm, was to create Abby - who previously did not exist. Laura is scared by this and rejects Abby, who feels depressed. However the two girls combine to get rid of Scary, the bogeyman Laura feared as a child and they remain friends. Greg, having seen Finn being 'exorcised' by Alex, mistakenly believes the boy is gay and makes advances to him - which almost results ...

    Episode #5.3
  • Episode #5.4

    After Rudy 2 goes missing the others encounter a befuddled old man who, from his tattoos, is clearly a geriatric version of the clone. Seeking answers to how he got that way the original Rudy, accompanied by Finn, goes to the support group but gets little help. Then Rudy discovers a young man threatening the elderly fellow and calling him Mr Johnson before trying to kill him. The youngster was originally an old chap called Mr Johnson and, following the storm, he received the power to swap ages with people - in this case Rudy 2 - so he can marry his young nurse. Rudy ...

    Episode #5.4
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