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Hunting Hitler

IMDB: 7.5

2015, 2 seasons to date

Documentary / History / Reality-TV


Latest Episodes

Utilizing FBI files declassified in 2014, Bob Baer assembles a team to review the leads contained therein, consider the reported 1945 death of Adolph Hitler, the WWII Führer of Nazi Germany, and conduct a feasibility study on whether he escaped Germany, faked his death, and migrated to South America.

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Season 1

  • Escape from Berlin

    DePaul searches for a tunnel escape route between the Fuhrer bunker and the Tempelhof airport. Meanwhile in Argentina, Rambam, Kennedy and Williams visit San Antonio Oeste to learn about the Lahusen Wool Co. and U-boat activity in 1945.

    Escape from Berlin
  • The Tunnel

    With GPR DePaul looks for a connecting tunnel in Berlin. Kennedy does a grid search for a scuttled U-boat off of Argentina. DePaul and Williams visit the Galicia region for clues in Franco's Spain and see the port city of Vigo.

    The Tunnel
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Season 2

  • The Compound

    Bob and John's dual investigation continues in Europe and Argentina. While investigating makeshift runways as an escape from Berlin by air, the team finds reason to believe Hitler would have had a stopping point on the way to Spain. Following files that place Hitler in Denmark after the war, Lenny and James Holland head to Denmark, where they investigate an airstrip and a massive bunker system

    The Compound
  • Eyewitness Accounts

    Bob and John's investigation leads them to Northern Spain, where a declassified document shows Hitler and a close associate, Leon Degrelle, could have moved from Denmark to San Sebastian, Spain.

    Eyewitness Accounts
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