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Happy Valley

IMDB: 8.5

2014, 3 seasons to date

Crime / Drama

By Sally Wainwright

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Catherine is a no-nonsense police sergeant who heads up a team of officers in a rural Yorkshire valley. When a staged kidnapping spirals out of control turning into a brutal series of crimes, Catherine finds herself involved in something significantly bigger than her rank, but unknowingly close to home.

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Season 1

  • 58
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Episode #1.1
    Catherine Cawood is a policewoman in the ironically named Ha...
    Apr 29, 2014
  • 58
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Episode #1.2
    Learning that Nevison's wife Helen is terminally ill Kevin f...
    May 6, 2014
  • Episode #1.3

    Following Catherine's visit to the house Royce moves Ann but the van in which he and Lewis are taking her is stopped for speeding by policewoman Kirsten McAskill and so Royce, to Lewis's horror, runs Kirsten over, killing her. Reminded of her daughter's death and accused by Kirsten's partner of pushing her into action Catherine is devastated and, whilst Richard offers to accept Ryan, she can do without being told not to prosecute Gascoigne for drink and drugs as he donates to the police fund. Cowgill is also appalled by Royce's actions, particularly as Royce wants to ...

    Episode #1.3
  • Episode #1.4

    Though dismayed that the evidence against Gascoigne has been 'tampered with' Catherine is pleased that Richard is bonding with Ryan. She also learns that the house she investigated belongs to the estranged wife of Cowgill, whom she visits, though he feigns ignorance of any illegal activities. She also calls on Royce's mother Lynn who tells her that Royce is Ryan's father. Helen is curious as to why Kevin is always her husband's bagman and eventually tells Catherine that her daughter has been abducted, leading to a police enquiry. A frightened Kevin wants to name the ...

    Episode #1.4
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Season 2

  • Episode #2.3

    Catherine reconciles with Clare but her superiors see her as unstable and offer medical retirement, which she rejects - accepting to see a therapist instead. Vicky's body is discovered but the murder of yet another prostitute allows John to suggest that both were the serial killer's victims. His marriage is on the rocks anyway. Catherine is shaken by the apparent suicide of one of Ilinka's slave-masters, whom she had tazered and arrested but has been released on bail. Ilinka thinks he has been silenced. Meanwhile, deceived by Royce's lies, vulnerable, besotted Frances...

    Episode #2.3
  • Episode #2.4

    Catherine interviews a prostitute who has survived being attacked by Sean Balmforth, who is subsequently arrested and charged as being the serial killer whilst vulnerable young farmer Daryl Garrs is also taken in for hitting out at the thugs who stole his mother's sheep. Catherine is shocked when, on grandson Ryan's birthday, he receives a lavish present, purportedly from his father Royce, which allows Drummond to suggest to the boy that he is anxious for forgiveness. In fact Royce wants a more direct revenge. As John's wife throws him out Neil tells Clare that he ...

    Episode #2.4
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