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Fairy Tail

IMDB: 8.2

2009, 7 seasons to date

Animation / Action / Adventure

By Hiro Mashima

Latest Episodes

Lucy, a 17 year old girl, sets out on journey to become a full-fledged wizard and joins the strongest and most (in) famous guild FAIRY TAIL where she meets Natsu, Happy, Gray and Erza, who treat her more like family than friends. This epic series takes us through all the dangers that the members of fairy tail face and eventually overcome through mutual love and friendship.

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Season 1

  • Infiltrate! The Everlue Mansion!

    Lucy has moved into a house in Magnolia where her guild Fairy Tail is located. As Lucy is talking about how great her house is Natsu and Happy barge in, to Lucy's dismay. As she fails to get them to leave she shows them her Celestial spirits before then opening the gate of Canis Minor to form a new contract with the spirit, which she names Plue. After inviting her to join him to make up a team, Natsu presents her with a job to steal a book from the mansion of Duke Everlue. They travel to Shirotsume Town to meet the client who is desperate to get the book. They find ...

    Infiltrate! The Everlue Mansion!
  • Dear Kaby

    Natsu has taken care of the guards employed by Duke Everlue and partially destroyed the mansion in the process. Meanwhile, Lucy and Happy struggle with Duke Everlue himself in an attempt to take the book Fairy Tail has been employed to steal. The history behind the writing of the book was secretly hidden within, which Lucy explains during the fight. However, she is convinced the book contains a greater secret... They defeat Duke Everlue, who's magical tunneling results in the mansion collapsing, and deliver the book to the client. On the way back to Fairy Tail Natsu, ...

    Dear Kaby
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Season 3

  • Thunder Crashes

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    Thunder Crashes
  • The Man Without the Mark

    A surprise appearance from one of Fairy Tail's expelled members gives the team a fighting chance. Meanwhile, Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily search the dark guild's ship as they try to find the source of its powers.

    The Man Without the Mark
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Season 5

  • Fairy Tactician

    Mavis reveals her incredible skill as a strategist as the final event of the Grand Magic Games begins. Meanwhile, Natsu's squad tries to rescue Lucy.

    Fairy Tactician
  • Gray vs. Rufus

    Gray squares off against Rufus in a Make magic rematch. Meanwhile, Natsu and friends devise a unique way to escape from their imprisonment.

    Gray vs. Rufus
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Season 6

  • Law of Retrogression

    Erza turns into a child while trying to find the Eternal Flame and runs into Minerva, who has joined a dark guild. Natsu is also turned into a child by Doriate. Lucy and Wendy fight the treasure hunters and are saved by Flare.

    Law of Retrogression
  • The Devil Returns

    Lucy, Wendy and Flare fight the treasure hunters. Erza fights Minerva but her powers have been extremely reduced. While Natsu is trying to locate the source of the voice he heard, Gray is turned into a child and fights Doriate.

    The Devil Returns
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Season 7

  • Treasure Hunt

    With no wind, the ship isn't going any where. Mavis takes advantage of the situation and explores and underwater shrine, but she runs into trouble.

    Treasure Hunt
  • Dances with Blades

    The crew finally arrives in Hargeon. Mavis and Precht go searching for information when they come across a shady bar.

    Dances with Blades
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Season 2

  • Love & Lucky

    Lucy's dad pays a visit to Magnolia to ask his lovely daughter for a favor, but she doesn't buy it. When the trade guild her pop is gunning to join is attacked by burglars, Lucy races to save the day.

    Love & Lucky
  • Allied Forces, Assemble!

    To defeat the dark guild Oración Seis, Fairy Tail delegates Natsu, Erza, Gray, and Lucy to join members from Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Cait Shelter in a joint effort. Everyone is stunned, however, when the representative from Cait Shelter arrives: a young girl named Wendy.

    Allied Forces, Assemble!
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