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Degrassi: The Next Generation

IMDB: 7.4

2001, 14 seasons to date


By Kit Hood

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The next generation of the students at Degrassi are here. Degrassi: The Next Generation takes place 14 years after the cult hit show "Degrassi Junior High" as students continue to deal with the obstacles of being a teenager. From issues like relationship problems, homosexuality and bullying to more darker issues like rape, school shooting and death. Degrassi: The Next Generation plunges into the world of what this generation is really going through.

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Season 1

  • Family Politics

    Toby and Ashley have just become step-siblings and moved in together, and they just don't get along. Ashley starts her campaign to be elected as school president, and Toby convinces his best friend, J.T. to run against her just to aggravate her. Emma and Manny are having problems of their own. Being in Grade 7 is tough, especially when Spinner is on a power trip.

    Family Politics
  • Eye of the Beholder

    Terri is not looking forward to the school dance. She's too fat for any boy to like her, except for Spinner, that is. Too bad Paige likes Spinner too. She convinces Terri to go to the dance, but not before getting her drunk, so she'll look like a fool in front of Spinner. There's also a new student in Mr. Simpson's class: Sean Cameron, who has fallen behind a year. Emma is intrigued, despite Sean's "bad boy" image. Meanwhile, J.T. and Toby decide to skip the dance to surf pornography on the Internet.

    Eye of the Beholder
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Season 2

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Emma is shocked when her mother reveals she has been dating Mr. Simpson. Emma promises that she doesn't have a problem with it but her attitude at school says otherwise. Spinner and Jimmy enter a break dancing contest while Emma and Manny are in a contest of their own over Craig's attention.

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Karma Chameleon

    Ashley swallows her pride and tries to win her friends back. Her efforts work fairly well but Ashley's arrogant attitude leads to some nasty rumors about her. Toby ends up in over his head when he develops a crush on Spinner's little sister Kendra.

    Karma Chameleon
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Season 3

  • U Got the Look

    Feeling like a wallflower, Manny decides to try out a new overtly sexual fashion style at school despite it contravening the school's code of conduct. Her attempt at looking sexy has the affect that she is hoping. The person who shows the most interest in her is her long time friend J.T., who is a bit confused about these new feelings he has for his friend. But he has to work fast to attract her attention as others are also showing interest in her. With her new look however is also a new self-absorbed attitude. Meanwhile, Craig, Marco, Jimmy and Spinner have formed a ...

    U Got the Look
  • Pride: Part 1

    A group of the kids go to the beach for the day. Despite stating that she will no longer be his cover as his girlfriend, Ellie, who doesn't really get along with most of the others but especially Paige, decides to go along on Marco's invitation. Also along as the chauffeur is Paige's openly gay older brother, Dylan. Dylan, attracted to him, suspects Marco may be gay. Marco, also attracted to Dylan, is not ready to come out, especially to his supposed best friend Spinner, who is openly homophobic. Marco goes out of his way to hide his sexual orientation. This includes ...

    Pride: Part 1
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Season 4

  • King of Pain

    Marco faces unexpected hurdles in the race for Student Council President when his opponent Alex threatens to out him to the entire school at the election assembly. Meanwhile, Liberty and Emma have a confrontation of their own when Liberty starts spending time with Emma's ex, Chris.

    King of Pain
  • Mercy Street

    Rick returns to Degrassi, professing to be a changed man. Everyone is suspicious Rick might hurt another girl the way he hurt Terri so a plan develops to run Rick out of Degrassi for good. J.T. is frustrated with his relationship with Manny because they have barely even kissed yet. When a mishap leads to Manny seeing J.T. naked, J.T. begins to wonder whether their lack of physical contact is because he can't measure up to Manny's expectations.

    Mercy Street
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Season 5

  • Death of a Disco Dancer

    Paige proceeds to make a bad choice -- one which could ruin her life.

    Death of a Disco Dancer
  • Foolin'

    J.T. and Liberty's relationship issues come to a head when Liberty gives J.T. some alarming news. Liberty takes a very practical approach to the problem because she doesn't think J.T. is mature enough to handle it. Once the shock wears off, J.T. realizes it's time for him to grow up. Spinner pursues a relationship with Darcy and finds her lifestyle more appealing than he originally thought.

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Season 6

  • Can't Hardly Wait

    The girls' basketball team is burning up the court with Jimmy as their coach. Off the court, Jimmy faces humiliation when he isn't able to share an intimate relationship with Ashley. On the sidelines, cheerleading captain Darcy has serious conflicts with teammate Manny.

    Can't Hardly Wait
  • True Colours

    Jay turns to Emma for help with Sean's legal trouble. Ellie gains the attention of an editor of the university newspaper but he may be interested in more than just Ellie's writing.

    True Colours
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Season 7

  • Love Is a Battlefield

    Paige's new job at a fashion company - and Alex's unwillingness to get out of bed and make something of herself - causes a rift between the two. Manny is accused of racism by Holly J, Chante, and Anya, which has unexpected effects on Damien's campaign.

    Love Is a Battlefield
  • It's Tricky

    Ashley wants to make it in the music business, but Jimmy seems to be the one getting all of the attention for his rapping skills.

    It's Tricky
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Season 8

  • Fight the Power

    Jane's love for football gives her the courage to try out for the team, despite it being exclusively boys. Jane is still determined to play but being the sole female teammate causes heated conflicts both on and off the football field.

    Fight the Power
  • Didn't We Almost Have It All

    Liberty plans to gain status in college by pledging a sorority. Her determination to fit in and impress the sorority sisters ultimately strains her friendship with Manny and Emma. Holly J is elected Student Council President and revels in being the queen bee in school. However, a crush on a fellow classmate may unseat Holly J's influence.

    Didn't We Almost Have It All
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Season 9

  • Shoot to Thrill

    Alli feels like her relationship with Johnny is getting boring so she spices things up by texting him racy naked pictures of herself. But when Alli angers Johnny by revealing one of his deepest secrets, Johnny takes vicious revenge by sending the pictures to the entire school. Fiona and Riley warm up to the idea of being a couple but will Riley's past cool their chemistry?

    Shoot to Thrill
  • Close to Me

    Jane has no clue what to do when she finds herself attracted to the new guy in school when she is supposed to be head over heels for Spinner. KC finally gets the chance to show his stuff on the basketball court but makes a big mistake that sends his coach into a rage. Could this be the end of KC's days on the court?

    Close to Me
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Season 10

  • Breakaway: Part 1

    Fiona runs away to Degrassi when life gets too stressful in New York. The entire school falls for Anya's lie, which jeopardizes Sav's chances in the election. Jenna misunderstands the surgery Clare plans to get and rumors spread like wildfire.

    Breakaway: Part 1
  • Breakaway: Part 2

    Once the election results come in, Anya has to tell one more lie to cover up for her previous deception. Holly J's devious streak continues when she betrays a friend in order to pay for a private tutoring course.

    Breakaway: Part 2
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Season 11

  • Love Game

    Clare is worried that Eli is taking their break-up too calmly but there's also the question of new guy Jake Martin that her mom wants her to befriend. Jenna is dealing with the demands of new motherhood and feels that KC isn't contributing his fair share of help.

    Love Game
  • What's My Age Again?

    Anya is turning 18 and can finally date Dr. Chris legally but is he still interested? Connor's social awkwardness makes Hannah uncomfortable and stresses Wes's friendship. KC and Jenna continue to struggle with new parenthood while Drew worries about Vince's threat.

    What's My Age Again?
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Season 12

  • Walking on Broken Glass: Part 1

    Tristan is smitten with Campbell the new hockey player in their French class and impersonates Maya in on-line chat in order to get to know him better. Marisol sets up Katie with Jake to help her get over Drew. Eli locks horns with perky new-girl Becky over the school play.

    Walking on Broken Glass: Part 1
  • Walking on Broken Glass: Part 2

    Drew tries out for the Academic Quiz team in an attempt to be closer to Bianca but during the tryout a more urgent problem surfaces. Eli and Becky continue to disagree about the play as auditions are held. Tristan continues posing as Maya in chat to get to know Campbell.

    Walking on Broken Glass: Part 2
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Season 13

  • All I Wanna Do

    In Paris, Tristan will try anything to stop his roommates' teasing, and a lonely Alli ventures out to explore the city.

    All I Wanna Do
  • My Own Worst Enemy

    Tristan and Miles finally bond, but is it friendship... or more? Desperate for a distraction, Clare turns to Drew for help.

    My Own Worst Enemy
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Season 14

  • If You Could Only See

    Maya doesn't want to remain silent when she knows one of her friends is in trouble. Becky isn't the bubbly sunshine-y girl she used to be.

    If You Could Only See
  • Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    Clare builds the courage to tell Eli about her situation. Winston is insecure about his friendship with Miles. Is he losing him to Tristan? A normally confident Zig feels emasculated when Grace beats him - physically.

    Can't Stop This Thing We Started
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Season 15

  • #YesMeansYes

  • #NotOkay

    Maya experiences sexist micro-aggressions at a gig and decides to fight back; Tristan pursues a new romance with a grade ten student who idolizes him; and Shay realizes she needs to introduce Tiny to her to her parents when he invites her to a movie.

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