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Being Human

IMDB: 7.8

2008, 5 seasons to date

Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

By Toby Whithouse

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A werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost try to live together and get along.

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Season 1

  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 0: Pilot
    Two twentysomethings, George (a werewolf) and Mitchell (a va...
    Feb 18, 2008
  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Flotsam and Jetsam
    While Mitchell struggles with his growing lust for blood whe...
    Jan 25, 2009
  • Tully

    George is approached by another werewolf who offers to teach him how to deal with his rare affliction.

  • Ghost Town

    Mitchell introduces Annie to Gilbert, another ghost, to help her through what should have been her wedding day with Owen.

    Ghost Town
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Season 2

  • Long Live the King

    While Annie prods George (still pining for Nina) into helping Hugh regain his ex-girlfriend, Mitchell must commit a heinous act in his struggle to rein in the vampire community.

    Long Live the King
  • Educating Creature

    While Mitchell runs AA meetings for blood addicts, George begins teaching English as a second language, and Annie takes lessons from a war vet in shutting the door.

    Educating Creature
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Season 3

  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Lia
    Nina, Mitchell and George move into a former hotel in Wales...
    Jan 23, 2011
  • 1
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Adam's Family
    Nina and George encounter Adam, who looks fifteen but is for...
    Jan 30, 2011
  • Type 4

    Whilst Mitchell confides in George his love for Annie the ghost herself is followed home by Sasha,a zombie or Type 4 supernatural being,stuck in limbo as a result of Mitchell's saving Annie.Annie and Mitchell learn that she has escaped from a morgue where zombies were being used in painful experiments. Though putrefying Sasha refuses to believe she is one of the undead until she freaks out her boyfriend so Annie gives her a make-over and a night on the town before she passes over. Mitchell has problems with Graham,an ageing Goth vampire who threatens to tell Annie ...

    Type 4
  • The Pack

    Whilst Annie and Mitchell come to the conclusion their relationship can only be spiritual, Nina and George,concerned how their baby will turn out,seek out Tom and his surly father McNair,who has told the lad that being a werewolf is empowering. However he has not been entirely honest with him and how he became a lycanthrope. McNair hates vampires,who killed his wife,and Mitchell,in view of Lia's prediction,fears that McNair may be his killer so he gives him to Richard and Emma for cage-fighting. But when Tom,Nina and George are taken instead,McNair and Mitchell join ...

    The Pack
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Season 4

  • The Graveyard Shift

    Despite his protestations that isolation curbs his blood lust Hal is persuaded by Annie and Tom to work in the cafe with Tom,where they meet a weird Goth girl Michaela. After a confrontation with Fergus Annie seeks the help of Regus,who tells her that Eve's nemesis has a burnt arm and who suggests they leave town with the baby,but before they can do so vampires led by Fergus pursue Michaela,Hal and Tom from the cafe back to the house where Hal leads his house-mates in killing the vampires. Michaela is vampiricised but loves it and goes off with the 400-year old Regus....

    The Graveyard Shift
  • A Spectre Calls

    Kirby, a charming ghost from the 1970s,arrives,apparently sent by Nina to help look after Eve and immediately charms Annie. However when a doctor is called out to the baby Kirby gives him a heart attack and it is clear that he has come to harm the child,dividing the household and setting Tom up for an assault charge from which he is saved by vampire lawyer Cutler. Kirby is a serial killer seeking notoriety but is dispatched by Annie using electricity. Hal investigates the train tunnel massacre,questioning a female doctor who is later killed by Cutler to keep their ...

    A Spectre Calls
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Season 5

  • Pie and Prejudice

    Hal is now manager at the Grand,Hatch having scared off his predecessor. When disgruntled TV weatherman Larry Chrysler comes to make a personal appearance Tom,recognizing him as a fellow werewolf,is impressed and invites him to stay at the house and school him in the ways of success. Hal however sees that Larry is a has-been and a free-loader,exploiting Tom,and needs to be got rid of. Alex is befriended by Lady Mary,a mischievous eighteenth century ghost who can read people's minds by feeling their heads. She believes she was Hal's last victim and has successfully ...

    Pie and Prejudice
  • The Greater Good

    Having disposed of Larry for Hal, Rook, his department being depleted, billets Bobby, a dim werewolf from the 1980s, onto the trio. Tom, his appointed minder, is initially annoyed but starts to bond with his charge as they work together at the hotel. Hal also brings Ian Crumb to the house in an effort to curb his blood lust. Hatch recognizes Rook when he comes to the hotel and, in his quest to get rid of supernaturals, persuades Rook to unleash the lycanthropic Bobby on the hotel, an act in which quick thinking from Hal and the werewolf Tom prevents bloodshed. Hatch, ...

    The Greater Good
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