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Adventures of Superman

IMDB: 7.8

1952, 6 seasons to date

Action / Adventure / Crime


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"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!" Mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet is really the greatest superhero of them all who "fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!"

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Season 1

  • The Case of the Talkative Dummy

    Clark, Lois, and Jimmy attend a ventriloquist act that goes wrong when the dummy appears to talk by itself. Upon further investigation, they link what the dummy appears to have said to a series of armored car hijackings.

    The Case of the Talkative Dummy
  • Mystery of the Broken Statues

    A notorious con artist and his thugs are going to all the antique shops in town, buying cheap figurines, and smashing them. Clark and Lois assume that they are looking for something hidden inside the figurines, so they investigate.

    Mystery of the Broken Statues
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Season 2

  • The Man Who Could Read Minds

    Reporters Clark, Lois, and Jimmy hope to find out who has been pulling a series of burglaries. Clues lead them to a nightclub which hosts Swami Armada, a phony mind reader, and Lois and Jimmy decide to set up a sting operation to catch the thieves.

    The Man Who Could Read Minds
  • Jet Ace

    Perry White's nephew Chris, a pilot who has been testing jets for the military, is kidnapped, with his captor attempting to get his hands on the report Chris wrote about the jets.

    Jet Ace
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Season 3

  • The Lucky Cat

    The members of a club devoted to spurning superstition begin to suffer a series of near-calamities.

    The Lucky Cat
  • Superman Week

    While Metropolis gears up to honor its most popular "citizen" during Superman Week, gangster Si Horten (Herbert Vigran) tries to figure out a way to rid the town of the Man of Steel. Taking reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) into his confidence, Horten gives Jimmy a milkshake laced with truth serum, whereupon the boy reveals the location of some hidden Kryptonite--the only substance that can render Superman helpless. Meanwhile, the ever-suspicious Lois Lane (Noel Neill) eagerly anticipates the awkward situation awaiting Clark Kent (George Reeves), who has been ...

    Superman Week
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Season 4

  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Joey
    Season Four of The Adventures of Superman opens with a senti...
    Feb 18, 1956
  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: The Unlucky Number
    A contest in which the participants must guess the number of...
    Feb 25, 1956
  • The Big Freeze

    Dishonest politician Duke Taylor (George E. Stone) and his henchman Little Jack (Richard Reeves) conspire with crooked Dr. Watts (Rolfe Sedan) to rid Metropolis of Superman (George Reeves) just before an important election. Luring the Man of Steel into a locked room, the trio turn the temperature down to 2000 degrees below zero. Thus frozen, Superman not only loses his super-strength but also the color in his face, and must put on makeup when disguised as Clark Kent--thereby making an embarrassing situation even more so. As it turns out, Superman's only hope to return...

    The Big Freeze
  • Peril by Sea

    "Daily Planet" editor Perry White (John Hamilton) decides to flex his scientific muscles and develops "Formula U183", which will enable him to extract uranium from sea water. Villainous submarine commander Ace Miller (Claude Akins) decides to steal the formula and eliminate not only White but also the entire "Planet" staff--namely, Clark Kent (George Reeves), Lois Lane (Noel Neill) and Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson). As Miller prepares to torpedo White's seaside laboratory, the editor's only hope for survival rests with Superman (who of course is also Clark Kent, but Perry...

    Peril by Sea
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Season 5

  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Peril in Paris
    Superman gets caught up in a scheme to remove a large collec...
    Mar 8, 1957
  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Tin Hero
    A man accidentally foil a robbery during a slow news day, an...
    Mar 15, 1957
  • The Town That Wasn't

    Crooks have constructed a small mobile town. They use it as a speed trap to snare money from unsuspecting motorists. For bigger game, they advertise fifty cent steaks and free coffee to hijack trucks carrying valuable merchandise. After two hijackings, Lois Lane comes upon the "town" and is captured. Now, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Inspector Bill Henderson are trying to track her down. After they, too, are incarcerated, Clark turns into Superman to shut down the criminal operation.

    The Town That Wasn't
  • Tomb of Zaharan

    Louis Lane is kidnapped by a third world country after a strange necklace she is wearing indicates she is the reincarnation of that country's legendary queen who'd died 5000 years ago.

    Tomb of Zaharan
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Season 6

  • Divide and Conquer

    Superman stretches the laws of physics to the breaking, or rather splitting, point to prevent a coup in a Latin American country.

    Divide and Conquer
  • The Mysterious Cube

    Inspector Henderson believes that Paul Barton, a criminal who's guilty of practically every crime known who disappeared nearly seven years ago, is hiding inside a cube-like structure which is made of some material that is impenetrable. He goes to the Planet to air his concern. It seems that by law if a person's been missing for seven years -- which period will be reached in 24 hours -- he is to be declared legally dead. And a dead man can't be arrested. So Clark turns into Superman and tries to get into the cube, but not even he can get in. So he goes to a scientist ...

    The Mysterious Cube
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